Community Integration Services

Aquatic Rehabilitation for Adults

Community Integrations Services offers private sessions for people who have a variety of disabling conditions. All participants are evaluated and assessed according to individual needs and goals, to remain active, safe and participate to their maximum potential. Adaptive techniques are taught for swimming skills and exercise are designed to maintain and improve physical abilities.

Examples of Clients that come to CIS aquatic therapy programs have been in Motor Vehicle Accidents, had a Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, or before/after Orthopedic surgery.

Aquatic Therapy can help meet your Goals...

  • Stretch tight muscles and extremities due to lack of use, increased tone contractures, or spasticity.
  • Increase strength and muscle density in muscles and extremities that are weak or have limited function.
  • Improve Balance while in the safe and supportive environment of the water.
  • Increase Range of Motion by working through maximum range of motion of all affected and non-affected body parts.
  • Learn Lifetime Fitness using adaptive tools and techniques. Learn to access the pool to maintain fitness, and to enjoy a recreational activity with family and friends.

Participants attend weekly for until goals are meet or until they are ready for independent exercising and/or a group class.

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aqutic therapy patient
Rob - a paraplegic - accesses pool independently using the power lift. aqutic therapy patient
Peter - a stoke survivor - walks down the ramp to enter the pool with Harriet at Bellevue Aquatic Center.