Community Integration Services

Aquatic Therapy Consultation

Community Integrations Services offers one hour private consultation sessions for people who have a variety of disabling conditions.

Examples of clients that come to CIS for consultation are independent with their mobility. These people are recovering from an accident, recovering from surgery or working through chronic pain issues.

Consultation is also used to train a care-giver or family member in some basic aquatic therapy techniques. The care-giver and the client can then practice, or come to the pool on their own time.

The Consultation usually consists of one or two sessions. The first session is to evaluate and assess. The second session is to review the individually developed exercise program. This is in the form of a laminated exercise sheet. Clients then work-out on their own. Follow up sessions occur to add more difficult exercises as physical improvements occur and goals are meet.

Individual goals maybe as follows:

  • To improve range of motion after a total joint replacement
  • To increase strength in affected muscles and joints
  • To decrease chronic pain from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, or back pain
  • To learn adaptive swim skills for life long recreation and fitness
  • To stretch and lengthen muscles that have atrophied from long term lack of use.

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Aquatic therapy participants
After training, these sisters come to the pool at Bellevue Aquatic Center.