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Multiple Sclerosis

MS Water Program

Classes are now FREE!

MS Classes are now sponsored by the Greater Washington Chapter of the National MS Society. More information call: Harriet Ott 425-830-7746

The aquatic program lasts for one hour. Participants are encouraged to work to their maximum potential. The exercises are performed in shoulder-depth water. We do a series of range of motion and stretching exercises. Resistive movements with bar-bells of various sizes challenges upper extremity strength. Non-weight bearing, lower extremity exercises are done with the help of floatation 'noodles'. We work on balance with activities at the wall and through water-walking exercises.

Adaptations to exercises are offered to challenge the variety of abilities within the group. Those participants without lower extremity control are set up with adaptive equipment for safety, and to allow maximum independence. I frequently use neck collars; both the blow-up and beanbag types sold by Bio-Energetics. For those who are able, we do some lap swimming either at the end or the beginning of each session.

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MS excercise class

Times and Locations for MS Programs

Tuesdays 1:00p Bellevue Bellevue Aquatic Center (425)452-4444
Please call the pool for directions

For more information on this program please call Harriet Ott 425-830-7746

Aquatic therapy equipment
Assistive devices are left at the pool's edge, demonstrating the freeing qualities of the water exercise programs.