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Warm Water Therapy

WATSU is a one on one session for 30 or 60 minutes.
Enjoy the wonderful relaxing experience of floating in warm water (95 degrees) while muscles are being extended, flexed, and manipulated to full range of motion. The treatment is described as pain relieving, nurturing, peaceful, and totally relaxing! Private Sessions by appointment.


Powerful Healing for Kids with special Needs




Watsu combines the words water and Shiatsu to describe massage performed in a warm water pool. The water's buoyancy relieve the stress of weight as the participant relaxes deeply into the warm water. The Watsu practitioner gently floats and moves the participant, performing such motions as cradling, rocking, stretching and folding. The warm water, reduces muscle rigidity which permits pain-free, fluid movements, facilitating maximum flexibility and joint mobility. The Watsu experience has been described as pain relief without drugs, total relaxation, nurturing, healing therapy, and a meditative physical treatment.


*Decreased Muscle guarding/tension
*Discover/release of emotions
*Increased range of motion
*Improved body awareness
*Decreased pain
*Reduced Stress/anxiety
*Improved posture
*Increased energy/less fatigue
*Improved breathing pattern
*Improved sleeping patterns

Warm Water Therapy Session

Target Participants

*Anyone who wants a relaxing experience
*High Stress syndrome
*Chronic pain - neck, back, legs
*Multiple Sclerosis

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1 Hour Sessions Are $100.00
Gift Certificates Available