Western Washington University Sailing Team


NWICSA Team Racing Championship
University of Washington
April 27-28, 2007
Sailors were blessed with beautiful conditions on Saturday in Seattle. Clear skies, temps in the low 60's, and a consistent North wind at 6-10 knots. A Double Round Robin was completed with 20 races. We sailed N courses averaging 15 minutes in FJ's. One protest was filed resulting in a DSQ. Sunday, Sailors enjoyed another sunny day in Seattle. After a short postponement, races got underway at 11:45. Wind was light from the North at 2-5 knots. 10 more races were sailed on N's. One protest was filed and disallowed. A big thanks to RC: Kyle Eaton, Stephanie Ostrander and Alex Jones. Congratulations to the University of Washington! Good luck back east.
1  University of Washington      11-1
2  University of Oregon           7-5
3  Oregon State University        6-6*
4  Western Washington University  6-6
5  Portland State University     0-12

*OSU won tiebreaker, beat WWU twice 

RP Information:

UW: Paul Stewart 08, Jon Kelch 07, Hayley Siegenthaler 07, Michelle Stitzer 08, Nic Wayand 09, Felipe Lopez 10, Jayson Stemmler 10, Kasey Weiss 07, Sarah Chaplin 10, Nick Hubbard 09, Laruel Siegenthaler 07, Emily Schneider 08, Hannah Darrin 10, Marin Van Schalk 10, Nino Johnson 10, Brad Sainsbury 10

Rob Dubuc III 07, Taylor Chittick 09, Josh McHale 09, Jessica Andrews 08, Amanda Golbek 10, Tyler Fields 09

Andrew McDade 07, Russell Burke 10, Chris Brown 08, Amy Welch 07, Jessica Kraemer 10, Kelsey Shields 10

Molly Jackson 09, Randy Holt 07, Katie Stephens 10, Sydney Delacruz 09, Kteang Som 10, Dong Vo 10, Katie Bury 09, Calla Ward 10, Casey Ward 10

Daniel Martinez 08, James Acton 07, Justin Wall 10, Josh Dankovchik 10, Kate Holsinger 07, Steni Driver 10, Tristan Ohms 08

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