Community Integration Services

Warm Water Exercise Programs
Aquatic Body Tune Up

Arthritis / Fibromyalgia / Back Rehab

This Class is for people Who:

Are recovering from a sports injury, Have chronic mobility problems Back pain, arthritis, Fybromialgia or who are de-conditioned After a long term of not exercising or who are pregnant

The water is a great place to:

Stretch, tone and strengthen your muscles. This program will increase range of motion and flexibility in all joints, improve balance, increase strength and endurance. Various levels of intensity will be offered to address the needs of individuals.


*Decreased pain and/or stiffness
*Improved joint flexibility
*Increased muscle strength
*Improved coordination/ endurance
*Increased ability to perform activites of daily living

Artritis Aquatics Class


Target Participants

*Multiple or severe joint problems
*Orthopedic - knee and hip surgery
*Multiple Sclerosis
*Back Injuries / Pain
*Seniors wanting a slower paced work out


About the Session

45-50 minutes

The Warm Water Exercise Program is now available at:

Providence Point, Issaquah 11:00am Mon / Wed / Fri


Aquatics and Osteoporosis?

Get into the Water... for the Health of it?


What people have to say about Aquatic Therapy

"I'm more limber and agile after each class. I don't intend to ever give it up!" -Maxine

"This class has been a great way to recover and gain strength after my stroke, and the instructor makes the class fun and worth while" -Marilyn

"My shoulder mobility has improved so mouch that I can reach the top shelf in the kitchen again" -Dan