Warm Water Exercise Program

Get into the Water... for the Health of it?

      As the weather gets warmer you may be more likely to get into the water. At the lake or in the pool, even just standing in water is good for your health. When we are immersed in water to shoulder depth, our blood circulation increases, decreasing swelling in our extremities. In addition, our blood pressure decreases, and, as a result, our body systems don't have to work as hard.
      To understand how this works, we need to reach back into our memory banks and remember the physics of fluids. Pascal, Archimedes and Newton are the experts on the effects of fluids. Pascal's Law, better known to some of us as "hydrostatic pressure" is most responsible for the increased body functions from just simple immersion. "Hydrostatic pressure" is defined as the pressure exerted by the molecules of fluid upon an immersed body, this pressure being equal on all the surface areas. When we get into the water, without the force of gravity pulling down on our systems, but instead pushing equally in all directions, our blood can move easily, our heart pumps more efficiently.

Aquatics and Osteoporosis?

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